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Hosting features with all options described in HTTP/1.1, HTTP/2 and HTTP/3 specification.

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Since 12th of May, 2024 Latest HTTP Protocol HTTP/3 Now the latest version of protocol for web sites publishing, HTTP/3 is built-in. You get it out-of-the-box!
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Since early May 2024 Free TLS Certificate by Certbot There is a script in the downloaded package, that issues free TLS certificate in the format, suitable for Your Jaisocx.
free TLS HTTPS certificate security encryption
Since late April 2024 Proxy Endpoints Just add an alias tag with art "proxy". This will proxy Your host to desired another host.
new-alias proxy
Since early April 2024 Security JSON Web Token Easily in few minutes after diving into JWT documentation block, restrict access to Your sensitive endpoints with JWT, allow only to trusted users. The up-to-date authorization technology.
security authorization JWT



HTTPS, the secure protocol, is supported. Sensitive contents, such as from SQL-to-JSON endpoints, You can easily protect with JSON Web Token in few minutes.

Charset detection

On demand, detecting the alphabet, and publishing site with correct symbols look.


You can specify, which published resources should be cached. then the response is much faster. For parametrized PHP and SQL-to JSON endpoints cache is also used according to requested once GET or POST parameters.

Traffic compression

Fast response due to up to 70% reduced traffic cost thanks to gzip compression of textual resources hosted on server.


No need to write a controller and model, if you just wish to get an SQL statement result as a JSON response.

User friendly config

The server's xml config is transparent and user friendly. It's easy to configure your web application's endpoints.

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